The Hop

Praise for The Hop

  • Starred review from Kirkus
  • The Nature Generation Green Earth book award
  • The Green Prize for Sustainable Literature from the Santa Monica Public Library (The toads and the author are very proud of these “green” awards)





A small toad named Tad is in great danger. Rumbler, a monstrous earth-eating machine, is poised to destroy his home, Toadville-by-Tumbledown. The green grass, the blue pond – everything Tad knows – might disappear.

It is foretold that one brave young toad can help – but at a terrible price. Only if a toad kisses a human girl will Toadville be saved. Tad is called to rise to the challenge, disgusting though it seems. In the company of his best friend, Buuurk, he sets off into the unknown.

Meanwhile, a girl named Taylor is determined to stop her favorite place in the world, her grandmother’s pond, from being paved over and turned into a strip mall. Perhaps, somewhere along the way, she will cross paths with a small, brave toad. Little does she know that his quest is the same as hers . . .

From the author:

The pond, the mulch pile, the flowers, and the toads are my own. Every now and then I come across Tad when I’m planting bulbs or dividing lilies. He is so well camouflaged that he always startles me when he hops out of the way and takes shelter away from my tools. I always say, “Hullo, Tad.” Taylor’s grandmother is also my own. Her real name was Dora, and she was and is a formative force in my life. The monstrous earth-eating machine, Rumbler, roams around me, giving rise to malls, apartments, houses, big box stores, wider roads, and cellular towers.

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Disney Hyperion     ISBN 978-142313736-8       Ages 8-12